Explosive device under a vehicle

Vehicle Born IED (VBIED) Detector

Currently under development, Smart Imaging is working with the US Government to provide smaller and more rapidly deployable capabilities to scan cars for drugs, weapons and bombs.

Smaller, better, more prtable detection

To learn more, contact us at info@smartimagingsystems.com.

bomb under the hood

Under The Hood

…or in the trunk, or on the floor, or behind a wheel, an IED can be hidden in many parts of a vehicle, any vehicle, on any road, in any parking lot.

What is needed is a safer, faster, more accurate way of finding a threat before it can be detonated.

2 units will scan parked cars

The VBIED will bring two robotic x-ray systems to parked cars for fast and thorough inspections. Again the miniaturization of the scanners will allow SIS to scan between parked cars and those cars in cramped quarters.